The founders of this church believed that ours is a living faith, a faith that is expressed not only in ministry, but also in mission in and with the world.

Food is central to life: the United Church believes that our society must ensure a food supply for everyone that is safe, reliable, and affordable. At the same time, agriculture and fisheries should provide a dignified livelihood for producers and ensure ecological balance.

In light of the global food crisis, we call for actions addressing the root causes of hunger and food insecurity. These include fair food distribution, sustainable farming practices, and greater public investment in small farms.

Northwood serves Fair Trade coffee and tea each Sunday and it is also available for purchase. Cafe Etico is fair trade, birdfriendly, organic coffee produced directly by small-scale coffee farmers in Latin America. By purchasing fair trade products you are ensuring that farmers are being paid fair wages. Click here to learn more about Café Etico and contact the church office to make a purchase

Do Justice

 "Let Justice roll down like waters".   Amos 5:24