Centering prayer is a form of contemplative prayer that in essence, is simply a wordless, trusting opening of the self to the divine presence.   It is about the simplest form of prayer there is. 

As we grow from a child, our minds grow more complex and busy with our daily lives.  We spend so much of our adult energies thinking, planning, worrying, trying to get ahead or stay afloat, that we lose touch with that natural intimacy with God deep within us. 

The gift of silence gradually recedes in the face of the demands of daily life.  With some effort and practice we can let go of our concerns and thoughts for a time.  We can stop the outer noise and rest in the peace and warmth of God’s presence.  Truly a wonderful experience in these busy often crazy times!

The Centering Prayer group meets on Monday evenings at 7pm in classroom 1 for a short time of fellowship followed by a 30 minute period of silence.  The group usually meets for about an hour in total.

If you are interested in learning more and joining our small friendly group in this spiritual practice, please let Christine Wolff know. 

A Contemplative Way

"Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy." Rabbi Heschel