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Refugee Sponsorship Info 
It was three years ago on Oct. 22nd., that our church-sponsored Alhaj Hammoud family arrived in Canada.  They included Mohamad (father), Rasha (mother), Mustafa ((14), Safa (13), and Marwa (7).
They are all doing well and ask often about our church community.  They see us as their second family! Mohammad is almost finished his Level 4 ESL class which he does on line each day.  He has been also working part-time in the aft/evenings.
The boys (now 16,17) are both in gr. 11 at QE Secondary, thinking seriously about what they want to do after graduation.   Marwa (10) is in gr. 5 at Old Yale Elem., loving all things School!
All children are now eligible for Canadian citizenship, as they have been here for three years.  The parents must have completed level 4 before they can write the citizenship exam which Mohamad hopes to do this next year.
Since coming to Canada, they have added two new sons to their family.  Taim is now two. Abdual is  a healthy 4 month old.
Presently they have a brother-in-law from Syria staying with them.  He is educated, experienced in running his own aluminum factory and fluent in English.  He already has a promised job and is waiting for his Canadian permit before beginning work, hoping to move his family here next summer.  He is adding greatly to the family dynamics.
Throughout these past 3 years, Rasha has often asked if we would consider sponsoring her 24 year old brother, Zou El Hemme from Lebanon.  He left the family home when just 16, to avoid getting pulled into ISIS.  He moved to Lebanon and until Covid was employed as a security guard and landscaper at a university there.  Currently Lebanon is in a terrible situation economically.  Over 70% of people are unemployed and the cost of living has skyrocketed.  The family has already begun saving money for his sponsorship.  The children are collecting bottles and saving from their part time jobs at Pizza Hut.
We, as a church community, have agreed to enter into this sponsorship.  The government has set the cost at $18000 for a one year commitment.  So far we have already received about $8000 so are well on our way to our goal.
A bulletin board in the entrance has been set up to display our progress.  
Please prayerfully consider how you might be able to contribute to our goal.