Luke 2: 22-40
Welcome to the Christmastide Sunday

“Joseph, Did You Know?”

Luke 2:22-40 ~ Rev. G. Scott Turnbrook ~ Northwood United ~ December 27, 2020

*This sermon was told in the ‘first person’ with a costumed Rev. Scott playing the part of Joseph*

Oh hi…I guess you saw me hiding up in the mountain? I needed to take some time to get away from Mary and our baby son, Jesus. I love them so much…but this time has been difficult on me. I guess I’m just not ready. Who is ever ready for a child my friends say. I wish I was prepared, that we were further along in our relationship, that I was further along in my career. I am just a humble man with limited means. Do you know what sacrifice I was able to bring to the temple? Not a lamb…but a pair of turtledoves. I would have loved to have the wealth to have offered a lamb as a sacrifice when we dedicated our child. But, alas, that is not something I can afford. I walked away from that ceremony feeling that I didn’t have enough…that I couldn’t provide enough…that I wasn’t enough. So, I walked away, up those hills and took time alone. Alone, to be with God.

And when I was alone, do you know what I discovered. I heard a voice speak to me in my heart, saying: “Joseph, did you know…” And it was God speaking to me.

God said: Joseph….did you know that I chose YOU…over anyone else. I chose you because you matter. You may not think that you matter, but you do. You matter to your family, you matter to Mary, you matter too that little baby Jesus…You matter, You matter, You matter.

God said: What matters to the world, does not matter to me. Money is temporary and fleeting;

power is misunderstood; status is yet to be determined. What matters is that I chose you.

God said: Everyone matters…and you, Joseph will be an important part of the unfolding of my Kin-dom. You will take Mary as your wife; you will care for your child; you will protect your family; you will teach Jesus to go, also, into the mountains and speak to me…like you are speaking to me.

And then I got to thinking, perhaps what I have is enough….perhaps those two turtledoves are enough….God doesn’t need a wealthy powerful man to be the father of the Messiah…God chose me. God doesn’t need lavish sacrifices, like a lamb, to be offered. God just wants me to give what I can. Perhaps I am enough….YES! I am enough.

I walked away from the ceremony at the temple feeling poor, inadequate, a laughing stock to be Jesus’ father. And I have returned knowing that ‘I am enough’.

And that will be my message. I will have enough to protect my family; I will have enough love, enough compassion, enough of what will matter to get through whatever is ahead.

Because God has given each of us ‘enough’ for the journey ahead. That I know for sure!