S.P.A. ~ "Spiritual Practice Alternatives"

S.P.A. ~ "Spiritual Practice Alternatives"

S.P.A. "Spiritual Practice Alternatives" is 

This alternative form of spiritual gathering invites people to gather in community for herbal tea and mingle. Various spiritual practice alternatives will be offered (such as yoga, meditation, and spiritual discussion) for participants to engage in as they seek to deepen their spirituality. An offering will be taken for for those who are able to help support this important ministry.

Mindfulness Meditation with Rev. Scott will be an opportunity to practice a deepening of awareness through a focus on breathing and a guided meditation. Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment and heightening one's awareness of the divine in our midst. (Meditation concludes at approximately 8 pm)

Yoga with Lynne Edel, a certified yoga instructor with over 15 years experience, will provide an opportunity for participants to practice gentle yoga with opportunities for meditation insterspersed in the practice. Please bring a yoga mat (and blanket if you wish). We have posted a separate news item with a bio of Lynne if you wish to learn more about her. (Yoga concludes at approximately 8 pm)

On Our Faith Journey ~ a spiritual discussion gathering. In November & December, we will be focusing on Dianne Butler-Bass' book "Grounded" which presents the concepts of the earth being the visible reality of the invisible God, and of God being our home. In this light, she discusses issues of the interdependence of all humans and the rest of creation. (discussion concludes at approximately 9 pm)

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