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o many changes in a year!!  We have: ·      English speakers ·      Avid students and learners ·      A qualified driver ·      A new family member ·      Eager potential citizens   All their introductory paperwork has been done and all necessary numbers have been obtained.   All health needs have been handled. They have received a postnatal package through the mail which is being reviewed with the family. Mohamad is now coordinating with the Arabic- speaking dental clinic and current needs are being addressed.    

While Mohamad is not yet working, he is keeping his eyes and ears open for opportunities. He is being encouraged to keep upgrading his language skills as this will open up more variety for him to pursue. He is also being encouraged to consider a part-time job rather than the usual 12-hour shifts that are posted. He is progressing well in his English classes which he attends every weekday for 3 hours.   We are eagerly waiting for the book from the SFU project.   Mustafa’s bike was stolen at school. It was a lesson learned. The bike’s wheel was locked so the thief just left that part behind and took the rest of the bike.    

This month the family will receive the last allotment of the funds we had originally gathered. Colebrook United hopes to be able to provide an extra sum to the family once the sale of their building is complete. That would be a welcome bonus!   This is a very important transitional phase as the family moves into independence. We will continue to serve as advisors as needed and ongoing friends.   The committee and the family are so grateful for all the many kindnesses shown throughout the year. You have helped the committee make this a very successful year for a special family. It has been a thorough introduction to their new life in Canada.  

A special service occurred on Oct. 13 to review the year with gratitude, meet Taim and share some cake.