Scott Turnbrook
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Congratulations to the Hammoud family for the healthy arrival of beautiful baby Taim. Taim arrived on Monday September 9 at Surrey Memorial Hospital. We look forward to meeting Taim and celebrating with them on an upcoming Sunday morning!    

Mohamad continues to work through level 3 in English as recommended in order to enhance his job opportunities. He has been going to ICBC, on standby, hoping to get in on a cancellation to redo his driving test.  He has a scheduled test booked for Sept. 10 if needed. The car had a recall on the airbags and that was handled.

Mohamad has a friend who is encouraging him to apply for a job where he works so that is a possibility. All jobs are entry level, long hours, heavy work and low pay but he is aware that he needs to start somewhere and it is always comforting to have a friend when entering the unknown.

The book project that the family contributed to is nearly complete. This will be a beginner level English/Arabic book designed for new Syrians to Surrey. As part of the project the boys were taken on an extensive tour of the SFU Surrey campus focusing on the Engineering Dept.  Such a unique opportunity for them!

Marwa and Rasha (Mom) went with Linda to the Crescent Beach Theatre to see the Munsch stories. The boys have enjoyed soccer.  All went to the Fusion Festival, a community garden picnic and picnics with friends. 

School plans are in place for September. On Aug. 24 the children will  be in a line-up at Kwantlen Park Sec. School where the first secondary 1000 students will be given backpacks with supplies.(ed.They all got one.) Educational bank accounts have been opened for the children as the government supplies a targeted start up amount for them to use specifically for secondary education.

The boys and Mohamad showed an interest in helping with yard work at the church but coordination issues arose.

There are a few more dental needs and vision checks to be completed.  

We are closing in on the end of our official responsibility for the family.  Our budget is on target thanks to everyone!  The Northwood and Colebrook congregations have been a tremendous help in this endeavour.  Hope has become a reality for this family. We are extremely grateful.

Northwood/Colebrook Refugee Project