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We are all stunned by the breadth of the devastation in our province and the hard evidence of a changing climate. Who could have ever imagined that the roads would collapse, that major highways would be closed for days, that farms and animals be at risk, and the supply chain interrupted once again. And all this on the heels of a brutal fire season and an extended pandemic is beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings. People are stranded on highways unable to get where they need to go; parts of the province are completely cut off. 

Love, Compassion, Grace

And, at the same time we are witnessing firsthand, love, compassion, and grace. This comes in the form of local heroes stepping up to help one another, rescuing people and animals from dangerous situations. People taking strangers into their homes, helping one another no questions asked.

Over the past few days, we have all been hearing stories of resilience. Resilience is defined as the ability to bounce back, to manage adversity and return to ‘normal’. I’m not sure that we have any idea anymore what normal looks like, but I do know what resilience looks like. It looks like families taking in strangers and rescuing animals, it looks like communities overflowing with volunteers, it looks people sharing food and water. We have needed a lot of resilience over the past couple of years, and now, even more is required. 



Trinity Memorial Abbotsford

Flood Relief

Kamloops United Flood Relief

Assistance give to those who have been evacuated to Kamloops.
  • By cheque made out to "Kamloops United Church"
  • By e-transfer by calling the church office +1-250-372-3020
  • Online at Canada Helps Kamloops United Church. Select 5. General Fund; Note "Flood Relief"

Red Cross Appeal

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