Scott Turnbrook
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 Welcome to the Hammoud family

The Hammoud family arrived safely in Canada on October 19th and are settling in nicely.  They have pretty much everything they need for now.  Little Marwa (7) began grade 2 on Thursday - the first time EVER for her to attend school. (It was a little emotional, but she was very brave!) Parents will receive ESL classes at Mosaic Settlement Services, beginning Nov. 8th.  The boys, Safa (13) and Mustafa (14), will be tested at the Welcome Centre in Surrey and begin their ESL classes soon as well. On November 11th, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet one another after the worship service during a pot-luck lunch! 

Special donation envelopes are available in the Gathering Area for those who wish to continue to support this important ministry as the family continue to establish themselves in Canada over their first year.