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The Alhaj Hammoud family continues to thrive! Rasha was recently promoted to Level 2 in her English classes. Even more exciting is the news that they are going to be adding a baby to their family in August!  

Since their arrival, we have been attending to the foundational necessities for this family. The acquisition of English, gaining familiarity with their new country and new friends, learning about our currency (and its value!) and seeing to their health needs has been our focus.  

We are now moving toward the independence stage. Finding work is the most urgent priority.  One major challenge Mohamad faces is the lack of a car.  Available jobs that can support a family exist out of the city limits or in areas where regular bus routes do not exist.  

We have recently become aware of an older, low mileage car that we could purchase for a lower than market value price ($2,500). This is a generous offer from a member of our congregation.   We would like to take advantage of this offer but will need some help. Aside from the purchase of the car, the family will be faced with additional costs.  Insurance may be in the $2000 range. However, we have already realized the difficulties that this family will face without having a vehicle. On the plus side, Mohamad is an experienced driver - has driven in Syria and Lebanon, has held an International Drivers’ Licence, and even has experience driving a 40-passenger bus.  He has passed the written BC Class 5 driver’s test and is waiting for the chance to do the driving portion.  

Our budget, as it stands, will see them through to the end of our year of responsibility but there is not much wiggle room.  Prices have escalated on everything since this project started. Finding a job is our present over-arching priority and having a vehicle would be an enormous help.   

If you are able to assist with this latest hurdle, envelopes are provided in the bulletin and at the kiosk. Online donations may be made on our website at: / donate now/ and choose “Refugee Sponsorship Fund” in the “fund” area.  We thank you for your continued support!   Check out the Bulletin Board for pictures of the family!   ~ 

Thank you from the Northwood/Colebrook Refugee Committee