Scott Turnbrook
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Tuesday September 10 from 7-9:30 pm

Northwood United Church in partnership with Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church has a long history of co-hosting non-partisan events for the greater community to help engage people on the broader issues pertaining to political matters. Join us as we co-host "Citizens for Public Justice"  

Ahead of the 2019 federal election, Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) will be hosting a series of free, non-partisan events across Canada aimed at equipping voters to engage in the political process in a meaningful way. CPJ's 2019 Fall Tour will provide the electorate with information to better understand important policy issues related to CPJ’s core policy areas: democracy, poverty in Canada, ecological justice, and refugee rights.Based on CPJ’s recently published 2019 Election Bulletin, the cross-Canada tour will provide a non-partisan look at major issues leading up to Canada's federal election as well as provide an opportunity to meet CPJ’s new Executive Director, Willard Metzger. Each event will include a deep dive into key questions about what it means to be an active citizen and how Canadians can engage in democracy in a way that considers the common good. CPJ hopes to encourage Canadians, and particularly people of faith, to take part in important public justice conversations, participate in the democratic process, and ultimately consider how their vote might shape a just Canada for all.

For a complete list of fall tour locations and times, visit: