White Gift Ministry is underway

White Gift Ministry is underway

White Gift ministry is underway!

Every year Northwood sponsors families who need a little extra help at Christmas time. There are lots of opportunities to get involved, if you wish.

Would you like to shop for a gift?
This Sunday December 3rd, you will notice a small Christmas tree in the Gathering Place with coloured paper Christmas tree cards. These cards will have the requirements of gifts to be purchased for members of these families. If you would like to purchase a gif...t, look through the tags hanging on the White Gift tree. The tag has all the details about what to buy. Gift, age & sex of the person. You will purchase the gift & attach that tag to the gift. Do not wrap it. Bring it back to church on December 10. The volunteers handling the hampers will take everything after the service to be sorted and delivered.

Would you like to shop for some groceries?
sign-up sheets will be circulated during the service on food items required for these hampers. This is an opportunity to shop for needed food items in the hampers

Would you like to assemble, wrap and deliver a hamper?
You would have an opportunity to put everything together and deliver the hamper on behalf of the church, and give the gift of Christmas.

Would you like to contribute financially?
White Gift envelopes will be made available for the next two Sundays (Dec 3 and 10) for people to include a financial donation. This will be used to shop for perishable items and fill any necessary gaps in order for the hampers to be completed.

May God bless our ministry of outreach this Christmas and into the New Year!