Vancouver School of Theology Presents Free Public Lectures!

Join us at VST for their 2017 Summer School Public Lecture Series! All lectures are free and open to the general public. Lectures take place at the Chapel of the Epiphany, 6030 Chancellor Boulevard on the UBC campus (unless otherwise stated). 

July 3, 7pm-9pm:“When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty” with Rev. Dr. Martin Rumsheidt. The resistance deeply rooted in Christian discipleship that characterized the church struggles in wartime Germany and Apartheid South Africa will be discussed and serve as ways of illustrating "theology in opposition to politics" in other contexts. 

July 4, 7pm-9pm:”A Faith Worth Making: Understanding the Cultural Nature of Children’s Ministry and Why it Matters” with David Csinos. Exploring the intersection of theology, culture and ministry with young people. Relying on his recent reserach into children's theologies and interculturalism Dave questions common practices and assumptions within children's ministry and charts new paths based on the actual theological lives of young people. 

July 6, 7pm-9pm: “Annual Merton Lecture: Western Monastics Look East” with Bonnie Thurston. Thomas Merton's journey to "mother Asia" was one in a line of western monks whose monastic calling led them East. This lecture will breifly explore these convergent lives and their explorations of culture, Christ, and the "cave of the heart". 

July 10, 7pm-9pm: “New Christian Reformers and the Jews” with Peter Ochs. Examine a collection of contemporary Christian theologians who renew and refine Reformation doctrines in surprising ways. Why does each theologian seek to renew and refine Reformation doctrines, affirming a robust theology of Scripture, of Jesus Christ, and of ecclesial community while at the same time affirming rewnewed engagement and dialogue with both biblical and rabbinic Judaism?

August 11, 7pm-9pm: "Woman of the Cloth: Confessions of a Rogue Priest"with Kate Bruce: Comedy evening with Kate Bruce. Kate's phD is in preaching and imagination, and her most recent book is Wrestling with the Word: Preaching on Tricky Texts (SPCK). She is often sought out as a preacher and a teacher of preaching with young and new preachers and those seeking to further refine their craft. Kate has an interest in stand-up comedy and writes and perfroms her own material. 

See for locations and more information.