Roofing Project is well underway

Roofing Project is well underway

After serving our building for 20 years, our roof is finally being replaced. There was some initial consideration given, following a property consultation, towards property development in anticipation of the expansion of the LRT across Fraser Highway. This would have opened up zoning and allowed Northwood to redevelop our property in a cost-effective way. This led to our decision to place a 5 year tarp on our leaky roof. Unfortunately, this transit expansion did not occur, so we have needed to move ahead in replacing our roof as our tarp has now exceeded its life. The new roof will be completed by mid-June.

We give thanks for all the many people who have contributed towards this essential component in moving our ministry ahead. We have been blessed by many generous donors who believe in the future of their church and the importance of its ministry in the future. Donations are tax deductible and need to be marked "Roof Fund". Thank you...Thank you...Thank you.

The Congregational meeting approved an expenditure of up to $70,000 for this project; however, it looks like it will come in well under this budget. Our goal was to 'fund raise' to cover $20,000 of this cost. Thank you to Brian and Jim for spearheading this fundraising initiative!

The remainder of the roofing cost will be covered by the congregation's decision to run our ministry as a 'solo ministry' and allocate the half-time salary towards the roofing fund. This was a necessary decision; however, it also represents a significant sacrifice in our ministry and we thank all the members of the Children's ministry team for 'stepping up' in this time.

We look forward to having the roof completed, our bills all paid, and moving ahead with a full staff team in the near future!